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14 Feb 2017 - ISO 4730 Revision released

The Standard ISO 4730 which is used for 100% pure Australian TTO has been revised. More »»

08 Aug 2016 - RIRDC Rural Diversity Magazine Winter 2016

RIRDC has released its Winter 2016 "Rural Diversity" magazine which features the tea tree industry. More »»

14 Jul 2016 - TTO Whitepaper available

Down Under Enterprises recently advertised in Cosmetic Design to promote Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil. There is a whitepaper that can be downloaded. More »»

26 Aug 2015 - Graphene Manufactured Using Tea Tree Extract

In a new study, researchers have grown graphene from the tea tree plant Melaleuca alternifolia, the same plant used to make essential oils in traditional medicine More »»


TTO Whitepaper available Article Date: 14 Jul 2016

To help raise awareness of the benefits of Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil with Personal Care Formulators, Down Under Enterprises recently advertised in the global personal care and cosmetic publication, Cosmetic Design. The primary purpose of this advertisement was to promote Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil as the go-to natural (skin care) ingredient. The advertisement also showcases the ATTIA COP logo side-by-side with the well-recognised USDA Organic and COSMOS logos – an excellent opportunity to create more awareness of the logo.  The ad was accompanied by a whitepaper on Tea Tree Oil – Personal Care Applications for Skin and Hair.

Anyone interested in reading this can click the following link to download the whitepaper.



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